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Published on 28/03/2011

Whether you want a Trend Professional to style your clients using your own stock or to train your team to sell more effectively with style and color knowledge for your clientele, our Team are here to assist.


Styling Sessions for Clients

Hosting a Trend styling day or evening at your boutique with one or more of our expert personal Style Coaches, will encourage past clients to return and help attract potential clients - ultimately bringing in more revenue!

Our Team will:

  • Show your clients what clothes and accessories from your stock will suit their body shape

  • Demonstrate how the clothes they buy from you, can mix and match to make several different outfits

  • Advise on accessories, so they can complete an outfit  

  • Give them expert tips on styles and colors to suit them

All you need to do is to invite your data base, potential clients and store clients to attend the Trend Style day or evening at your boutique and/or give them the chance to pre-book one-to-one styling sessions with a Style Coach.

Our team can also do a short presentation on the trends for the season and can use your selection of clothes and accessories to illustrate these. They can pull together different outfits giving your clients ideas on what will suit them and what to buy.

We can also organise group shopping tours for your Customers.  Click here for more information.


Training Sessions for your team

Our team of Professional Image Coaches at Trend have a wide range of experience training people on different body shapes and how to dress them.

If your shop assistants are able to advise your clients on what will suit them they will buy more, avoid mistake buys and return for future shopping trips. This is great for your revenue and essential to building a professional retail business.

Our training sessions are tailor-made based on your requirements and numbers, but in general they cover the following:

  • Understanding different body shapes and how to dress them

  • How to accessorise effectively

  • How to use color and what works on different skin tones

  • How to mix and match to make the most out of your wardrobe

To find out more about what our fashion retail consultants can do for your business please email us or call 1300 138 874 with your requirements. 

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