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Published on 28/03/2011

Corporate Styling and Image Consultations, either personal or group, are conducted by a team of our expert Corporate Image Professionals.

Your team are your best walking advertisements.  They can make or break your image in the way they look, sound and behave.  At Trend, we indoctrinate a sense of image that is consistent with your brand, culture and vision.   We offer training, workshops and seminars for your company.

We have years of experience working with clients on a one-to-one basis and hosting group styling events for companies large and small.   The sessions can include Personal Image Consultations for your management and/or employees and can also incorporate training, seminars and workshops selected from the following or something customised to suit your needs.  This will not only increase the image of your employees, it will increase the image of your company. 

We tailor sessions to meet the needs of your organisation whether you're after one-to-one consultations or interactive group sessions. All our events are fun, informative and give participants genuine insight into what style, colors and looks works for them. 

Special Events

Company Events do not need to be just about speeches, food and wine.  Let us turn it into a fun and learning experience as well?  We customise the program to compliment your event, be it a staff retreat or even a spouse program.

"A Professional Image Consultant from Trend Style and Image was fantastic in delivering an informative and fun ‘Dare Yourself to Shine’ corporate workshop as part of our 2009 World Class Workshop Conference series.  This workshop was targeted at women as a ‘partner event’ to the Conference and the response was outstanding.  The participants were excited to be guided through the steps of choosing an outfit to wear that suited their shape and colourings and then to go shopping with an expert.  The Trend Consultant was professional, interested in participants and informative throughout the workshop and made participants feel comfortable and special in a non threatening environment.  We received positive comments from all involved and will be sure to run a similar partners workshop again in the future."

Sally Piper
Project Coordinator

Our sessions work well for both employees and clients and we are happy to create tailor made styling experiences to suit your particular requirements.

Contact Trend today to discuss a tailored package to suit. 1300 138 874


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