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Published on 28/03/2011

Style is far more than just knowing which tie goes with what shirt.  It is knowing how to present yourself in the best light possible at all times, both in the way you dress and behave.  By understanding the rules of style, you can be assured that whether you are at work or play, your image will always be working for you.

By improving your image you will:

  • Experience an increase in your self-confidence

  • Improve prospects for career advancements

  • Enjoy new and exciting social interactions

Trend's 21st Century Colour Profile

You will receive:

  • Your Trend Consultant will discover the best colors that work for you. 

Combine Color Analysis and Personalised Shopping - 3 - 5 hour Consultation and save

"Clothes make the man" 

Mark Twain

Personal Shopping

  • A Trend Style and Image Consultant will meet with our client before they begin the shopping experience, to discuss and list the items they are looking for.

  • We also control the shopping environment protecting our client  from the pressuring shop assistant and making mistakes, costing you time and $$$.

  • Depending on what style you are after, we will help you put together outfits for your body shape and create many “mix and match” outfits, accessorizing to complete your total outfit, giving you value for money.

  • There is no pressure to purchase outfits. This can also be a great opportunity to learn what to purchase and what not to purchase.

Personalised Shopping Consultations are designed at 3 - 5 hours.  Contact Trend today for more information.

Please Note: Trend Style and Image has secured for our clients a huge saving of 10 – 30%. This results in many of our clients paying for a large part, or even all of our fees just from the savings from these discounts. 

Call today to have a chat to a Trend Consultant to see how we can tailor a transformation exclusively for you.


Call Trend Today 1300 138 874 to find out how you can combine our services into a package to suit you.

 Other people's perception of you can become your reality...


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“Every person deserves to look and feel fabulous inside and out, everyday”

Lisa Carnell